Project Bridges

Program Number: SK09 Project ID: DGV03006 Contract number: 1010/2015
Duration of the project activities: from 25. 08. 2015
Programme area: domestic and gender-based violence
Measure: Creation of new services for women at risk of violence and women victims of violence and their children - counseling centers

Project grant: 59 168 EUR
Total project cost: 65 742 EUR

Co-financing of the project: 6 574 EUR

Supplement No. 2 to Project contract

Project grant: 81 917 EUR
Total project cost: 91 019 EUR

Co-financing of the project: 9 102 EUR

Project Financing: The Norwegian Financial Mechanism and state budget of the Slovak Republic
Project partners: Crisis Centre in Bergen and surrounding municipalities
Supervisor of the project: Centrum Slniečko, n. o.
Project goal: Reduced gender-based violence

Project contract publication in CRZ:

Project Outline:
- Creation of conditions for the provision of specialized social counseling that should be provided in our facility as newly established social service,
- Create and provide conditions for regular psychological counseling aimed at resolving personal, relational, emotional and other problems of our clients and their children, addressing the traumatic events in their lives,
- At the same time in addition to psychological assistance we wanted to create a space for therapy servicesin the project.
- Create and provide conditions for free legal assistance in solving legal problems of our clients,
- Strengthening cooperation with public sector institutions especially relevant town or municipal offices and offices of labor, social affairs and family, mainly in search of women who are at risk of violence and the above-mentioned aid was not received.

Target groups:

- Women and children at risk of violence, experiencing violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and so on.

The objectives and activities of the project:
- Improving the quality of services provided to date with new professionals - a psychologist, lawyer,  andtherapist,
- Create specialized counseling center for women at risk of violence and women victims of violence and their children,
- Facility security measures in emergency housing,
- Obtaining accreditation for specialized social counseling.


Phases inmplementation project:

1. Production and occupation jobs positions

2. Installation security components for clients

3. Acquirement accreditation

4. Provide advisory services

5. Evaluation project.


Ascents and results project


Indicators ascent project Beginning value Expected value Actual value
Count new advisory centre 0 1 1
Count advisory activity for women - victims violence in one year 15 125 126


Indicators result s Beginning value Expected value Actual value
New job position - psychologist 0 1 1
New job position - lawyer  0 1 1
New job position - social terapeut 0 1 1
Repair of the facade in m2 0 245 245
Installation security camera 0 1 1
Installation security gate 0 1 1
Count accreditation 0 1 1


Program SK09 - Domestic and gender-based violence

"A home must be a safe place for everybody."


"Supported by a grant from Norway"

"Co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic."